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DCC Software Ltd was established in 1996 as an IT consultancy. Since that time the company has offered a wide range of software development and training and has continued to develop expertise in new and emerging technologies.

The company has clients in a variety of businesses and industries and, in particular, has worked closely with a number of leading law firms.

DCC Software has been involved in a variety of projects and has developed a reputation for delivering high quality systems which is enhanced by the ability to:

• adapt or convert existing systems with minimal disruption, as well as create new systems from scratch
• adopt a proactive role and offer clients ‘best practice’ available and make them aware of IT developments and resources which may enhance their systems
• communicate effectively to ensure clients’ requirements are fully discussed and clearly specified at all stages
• work alongside existing teams and developers
• offer support and maintenance as well as training for end users
The company is able to draw upon a wide network of expertise through its association with other IT practitioners and companies.

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